The most rewarding statements about Stone House are from the adults, children and families we serve. Here are inspiring stories of their personal journeys — from abuse to recovery and rebirth.

“Rapid Rehousing has changed my life, because without it I would be homeless or in shelter in a state that I have nobody in. Rapid Rehousing has also changed my life because they care about me and how I’m feeling, how I’m doing and not only support me with housing but with all of my struggles.”

“I joined the [Stone House] program two years ago. By then I lost everything – my children, my house – I thought I wouldn’t make it sometimes. When I joined [Stone House] I found a family, I found friends, I found shelter and warmth.”

“After going through a domestic abuse situation, literally having nowhere to go, no means to be able to move into a new place to live, and being newly pregnant, this program saved my life.”

“I feel that the program has changed my life and my daughter’s life tremendously. Giving us a home in the middle of the pandemic and being able to fully furnish my apartment has been a blessing.”

“Just over a year ago, I came to you terrified and broken. You moved mountains to help me; put me on a Greyhound bus cross country; and I never looked back. I am writing this to say thank you; to let you know you saved my life. To let you know he didn’t win.”

“I was pointed toward the [Stone House], and although at first reluctant, I allowed [Stone House] into my life….Over the course of six months, I went from being silent and lost to understanding that I am not a victim, instead I am a survivor and that I have a voice and my voice matters.”

“Even if you feel like nobody believes in you, the Stone House will believe in you from day one.”

“I had no idea the transformation that was about to take place, when a staff person at [Stone House] told me there were beds available for my children and me. Full of fear, but desperate for help, I packed as much as I could carry on my back and left my past behind me. I’ll never forget my first night at [Stone House].  I never slept that peacefully in my life.  Now eight months later the fear is gone and has been replaced with a zest for life I never knew existed.”

“[Stone House] gave me so much more than just a roof over my head.  Here, I learned not only how to find a new house, but how to truly make my house a home.”

“When I got to groups everything was set up to accommodate me. With the child care alone I was able to get a moment to process and heal with other women who knew first-hand what I was feeling. Hearing everyone share their experience unapologetically, made the difference. I realized a lot from attending those groups.”