In addition to the abused adult, children in the household are seriously affected by domestic violence. Stone House meets the needs of the entire family, adults and children, through family-centered therapeutic and child care services.

Family-centered advocacy, guidance and activities.

Case management and advocacy.

Highly trained to help with the impact of domestic violence, homelessness and trauma on your family, Stone House case managers help to set goals and create nurturing  relationships — develop an emotional and discipline support plan — and guide/support you through the reunification process.

Beyond your home environment, our case managers work with you to advocate with the Department of Children and Families, schools and courts on issues affecting your children. Stone House social workers are also available to provide long-term therapy for you and your children.

Family strengthening activities.

Family engagement nights at Stone House, where you enjoy dinner and a craft project with your children, help to strengthen your sense of attachment. This is especially important if you are reunifying with your children. We also encourage sharing of other family activities throughout the year — like summer cookouts, fall apple-picking, field trips, holiday celebrations and birthday parties — to help restore lost traditions and create new memories.

Parenting support groups and classes.

Parenting classes at Stone House help you learn about child development, trauma impacts on children and families, and how domestic violence impacts children and parents. Our counselors also offer developmentally specific strategies — e.g. for teens and preschoolers — including positive limit setting. Parenting support groups at Stone House are a valuable opportunity to get to know other parents, to share the challenges you face, and to learn from one another.

Child care services for additional peace of mind.

Group of children

Full-day child care.

Our Stone House Early Learning Center provides full-day licensed child care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Simply follow this link for more details.

Happy child

Child care during programs/visits.

To ease the process of using our services, Stone House provides onsite child care when you participate in support groups, attend classes or meet with our staff.