Domestic violence is the most common cause of family homelessness. Whether you need short-term shelter, long-term permanent housing or something in between, Stone House specialists provide expert search and placement services — and follow up with ongoing support. We even help to cover moving costs to get you off to a good start.

Types of housing we arrange.

Immediate, transitional and permanent solutions.

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  • Emergency shelter.

    From a few days to a few months, Stone House shelter provides a safe place to heal while you prepare for the next step in your journey.

  • Permanent supportive housing.

    For domestic violence survivors who are expected to need housing/services for the long term.

  • Rent-subsidized permanent housing.

    Permanent housing with time-limited rent subsidies. Rapid Rehousing at Stone House helps you move quickly into permanent housing. This program subsidizes rent for market-rate units, while you complete job training or search for work, to make it possible to afford the unit on your own.

Important services we provide.

To help find a new residence or keep an existing home.

  • Search and placement.

    Stone House has relationships with landlords that help you search for your own apartment. We can also help cover the costs of moving in.

  • Stabilization.

    Our individual support services help you face difficulties like mental health issues, preventing relapse, regaining custody of your children, or other challenges that contribute to housing instability.

  • Retention.

    If you fall behind in your rent because of situations you can’t control, Stone House can negotiate with your landlord. We may also be able to provide emergency financial assistance to keep you from being evicted.

  • Rent subsidies.

    The Rapid Rehousing program at Stone House provides sliding-scale rent subsidies for up to 24 months on market-rate apartments, while you gain the job skills you need to self-support the full rent.

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